If you have questions about this process, please contact us.

Welcome to St. Francis Animal Shelter. We are glad you have come to adopt a new dog from our facility. The Adoption Committee uses the following information to attempt the best possible fit between pet and family. This process is designed to help determine if the adoption is in the animal’s best interest. It can also assist the applicant in finding a lifestyle-compatible pet.

Our primary concern is the welfare of the animals in our care. It is in the animal’s best interest for the applicant to be satisfied with the pet chosen. We maintain the responsibility to refuse an adoption for the sake of the applicant as much as for the pet’s if we feel that is appropriate.

In Order To Be Considered As An Adopter, You Must:

  1. Be 18 years of age or older.

  2. Have identification showing your current address

  3. Have the knowledge and verified consent of your landlord.

  4. Agree to a home visit prior to adoption and a visit after adoption.

  5. Be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide training, medical treatment and proper care of the pet.

Reminder: If you don't hear from us within a day or two of submitting this form, please call 307-684-1738 to let us know.

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All of the above information I have given is true and complete. Should an intact male or female be placed with me, I agree to have it altered by 6 months of age. If I fail to abide by the 6 months and have not made an alternative written agreement with St. Francis Animal Shelter I will immediately forfeit ownership of the pet back to St. Francis Animal Shelter. If I fail to abide by any of the following conditions I forfeit ownership of the pet back to St. Francis Animal Shelter. I agree to the home visits as outlined on the front page. This animal resides in my home as a pet. I will provide it adequate food, water, shelter, attention, training, and medical care. I understand that St. Francis Animal Shelter and its representatives are not responsible for the accuracy of information received about the temperament, physical condition, or habits of the animal available for adoption. I understand that it is my responsibility to see and evaluate the pet for myself before agreeing to adopt the animal. The St. Francis Animal Shelter and Board of Directors therefore are in no way responsible for any damage, accidents, or injury resulting from the placement of this animal into your home. If your adoption is approved and you take your new pet home and things don’t work out, you will have 30 days to bring the animal back to receive a full refund, after 60 you can bring the animal back however no refund will be issued, after 90 days we will require a surrender fee. In the event it is determined by either a St. Francis Animal Shelter Representative or the adopter that the pet should not remain with the adopter, it is agreed the pet shall be returned to St. Francis Animal Shelter by the adopter. The adopter is to pay any and all return and transportation cost, if applicable. The pet may not be transferred to another owner; the pet may not be sold, given away or placed in another home or with another organization, without the express written consent of St. Francis Animal Shelter. *