Porthos – Pet of the Week March 25, 2019

Every year thousands of pets are destroyed in shelters across the US. Many are considered unadoptable after a certain period of time because they do not “warm up” to people. Porthos, a 1 year old lab mix, was one of these dogs. Fortunately, a big hearted volunteer saw the potential Porthos had to be a wonderful and loving companion and brought him to our shelter. Here, he has made outstanding progress in his social skills and loves all of out staff who have worked hard to bring him out of his shell. Porthos is still a little on the skittish side, but nothing like the scared dog he was when he first arrived. We are confident he will thrive in a loving, understanding, and nurturing environment. Porthos is non aggressive and does well with cats and children. He is neutered, current on vaccinations, microchipped, and ready to go home with the next approved adopter. The adoption fee for the Pet of the Week is also $10 off.