Kittens - Pet of the Week August 12, 2019

This bunch of semi-feral kittens needs a barn home or a home with a lot extra patients. Tiger, Aztec, Tucumcari, Hobbs, Gila, and Clovis are all very stressed and would be much happier if they had a nice cozy barn they could run, play, and snuggle in. Although they get all the care and love they can handle, the Shelter is no place for a bunch of semi-feral kittens who would rather have their own space. They are handleable and touchable, but they are not super cuddly and lovey like all of the other adoptable kittens. Rather than spending their life here at the shelter where they are not very happy, it would be more fair for them to live their life as barn cats. If anyone can please spare the room for this bunch of adorable little feral kittens, please call the Shelter ASAP. They are all spayed, neutered, vaccinated, notched and ready to leave! They are all free as well to whomever could use them. They would make great mousers!