Price List


Adult Dogs: $75.00

Puppies: $120.00

Adult Cats: $50.00

Kittens: $80.00

Refundable Spay & Neuter deposit for unaltered animals $20.00

Returned Adoptions

Within 30 days: Full refund

After 30 days: No Money Back

After 60 days: $60.00 Surrender Fee.

Surrender Fees

Altered: $60.00 charge per animal

Un-Altered: $80.00 charge per animal


$10.00 each for Rabies, Van 6 for dogs, Felo 4 for cats, & Bordatella for dogs.

Medications (when prescribed by our veterinarian):

Cestex dewormer: $10.00 per pill

Nemex dewormer: $5.00 per cc

Doxycycline: .25 cents per pill

Amoxicillin: .10 cents per pill

Spay & Neuter Clinics

Cat Neuter (Male): $30.00
Cat Spay (Female): $60.00
Dog Neuter (Male): $70.00
Dog Spay (Female): $90.00

Spay/Neuter Certificates for Johnson County Residents…

to be used at local veterinary offices *when funding is available*. Call for details. (307) 684-1738

Not a Johnson County resident? Call for details. (307) 684-1738

Male Cats: $27.00 or less

Female Cats: $48.00 or less

Male Dogs: $50.00 or less

Female Dogs: $55.00 or less


City of Buffalo Tags: Altered - $10.00 / Un-altered- $20.00 / additional engraving on back $2.00 (proof of current vaccinations required)

Small Engraved Name Tags: $8.00

Large Engraved Name Tags: $10.00

*City of Buffalo Fees* for animals at large

Altered: $10.00 per day PLUS $30.00 pick up fee

Un-Altered: $15.00 per day PLUS $30.00 pick up fee

*Johnson County Fees* for animals at large

$10.00 per day PLUS $30.00 pick up fee


Microchips: $20.00

Cardboard Carriers: $5.00

Leashes: $5.00

St. Francis Animal Shelter T-shirts: $5.00

St. Francis Animal Shelter Sweatshirts: $20.00

Used Small kennels and Carriers (when available): $10.00

Used LARGE kennels and Carriers (when available): $20.00

We also have a small selection of dog and cat collars, doggie clothing, toys, & blankets for sale so stop by and see us! All proceeds from these items goes directly toward food and supplies for our animals.