Let’s Play!

Balls, bubbles, laser pointers, catnip mice, feathers; we’ve got them all!

 Have an hour to spare? Are you over 14? Would you like to help? We take wonderful care of our pets but there is always more to do and not enough hours in the day.


SOCIALIZING- All you’ll need to do is sit down in one of our 3 cat rooms and within minutes your lap will be full and the kitties will be happy. From there, your biggest problem will be getting out from under them!

GROOMING- Help everyone to look their best for that ♥special someone♥ with a good gentle brushing. They will look better, be healthier and love the attention! The long haired cats especially need brushed in order to prevent mats.

PLAYING- Looking for a little joy? Come play. You will have no shortage of four-legged volunteers!

CLEANING- Like to clean? The cats don’t! You can sweep the floors, scrub pawprints off of the doors and windows, fold laundry, cut rags, mow the lawn, weed whack… come take a look around. I’m sure you’ll find something that needs tidying!

ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS?- Do you have event planning, fundraising or grant writing experience? We need you and your ideas! Give us a call.