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Do you have your heart set on a specific pet?  If so, from our AVAILABLE ANIMALS (Dogs / Cats) page, click to view the details of that animal.  Then, within that animal’s profile, click the APPLY FOR ADOPTION link.

This application should only be used if you are not sure which animal you want yet and are just looking for a pre-approval on adoption.


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    What would you consider a good reason to give up a pet?*

    Do you have the necessary funds for vet care and supplies?*

    Are you committed to providing annual vet care for your pet?*

    What would you do if your pet were diagnosed with an unexpected illness?*

    Are you aware some ailments are managed through daily medication?*

    Are you committed to providing such care if necessary for your pet?*

    Are you ready and willing to take responsibility for this animal for the rest of its natural life?*

    For Dogs Only

    How do you plan to exercise this dog/puppy?*

    Do you plan on crate training?*

    Are you willing to work with this dog/puppy on behaviors such as chewing, barking, jumping, trying to run away, adjustment to new home and family, etc… *

    For Cats Only

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    Do you understand this cat/kitten may need grooming?*

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    Veterinarian Care

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    I understand that adoption is a long-term commitment. *

    I understand that St. Francis Animal Shelter reserves the right to refuse/reject my application at its own discretion. *

    I understand that my electronic signature allows the release of any information necessary to process this application. *

    I understand that references and veterinarians provided will be contacted by St. Francis Animal Shelter. *

    I understand that this animal is to be returned to St. Francis Animal Shelter if you can no longer care for or house the animal. *

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