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Our Vet is here on Mondays only.  For any Vet services, an appointment is required.

Payment in full is expected at the time services are performed.


Puppies (Up to 5 months) $200
Puppies (5 months to 1 year) $175
Adult Dogs (Under 25 lbs) $150
Adult Dogs (Over 25 lbs) $100
Kittens (Up to 5 months) $100 ($150 for 2)
Kittens (5 months – 1 year) $75 ($100 for 2)
SOLID BLACK Kittens (Any age) $75 ($100 for 2)
Adult Cats (1 year – 6 years old) $50 ($80 for 2)
SOLID BLACK Cats $40 ($75 for 2)
Senior Cats (Over 7 years) $40 ($75 for 2)
Semi-Feral Barn Cats $20 (B.O.G.O)


Within 14 days Full Refund
After 14 days No Money Back
After 60 days Surrender Fee

Surrender Fees

Johnson County Residents Other Areas
Altered Dogs $60 per dog $80 per dog
Un-Altered Dogs $80 per dog $160 per dog
Altered Cats $45 per cat $65 per cat
Un-Altered Cats $60 per cat $120 per cat


Rabies $17
Distemper $17
Felo 4/FVRCCP $17
Bordetella $17

*Veterinary Services are on Mondays only. An appointment is required.


Male Dogs Under 100 Pounds $63
Male Dogs Over 100 Pounds $75
Female Dogs Under 100 Pounds $75
Female Dogs Over 100 Pounds $87
Male Cats $32
Female Cats $50

Please call us at (307) 684-1738, or stop by the shelter for pricing and more information.

St. Francis Animal Shelter
109 Flatiron Drive
Buffalo, WY 82834

*Dogs 100 pounds or more are subject to additional anesthesia charge.
*Veterinary Services are on Mondays only. An appointment is required.

*We strongly encourage TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) for feral or semi-feral cats.

Spay/Neuter for dogs is not recommended until at least 4 months of age.  For large dogs that will be 60 or more pounds as adults, it is not recommended until at least 9 months of age, unless you are having behavioral issues.

TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return)

We ask anyone who is trapping feral/community cats for spay/neuter to only put their traps out on Sunday nights since our vet is only here on Mondays.  We strongly recommend TNR.  We have traps available.  $20 deposit, returned when the trap is returned.

Cats can’t regulate their body temperature for approximately 24 hours after anesthesia, so they need to be kept somewhere warm after surgery, and can then be released.  If the trapper has nowhere to keep them, we will hold them for 24 hours before returning them.


Daily Boarding Fee $25 per day
Pick-up Fee $30

*Fees charged by City of Buffalo and Johnson County

Please Note: Any dog brought in twice, or more, within 365 days incurs an additional fee of $20 per incident.


Veterinary Office Visit $15
Microchips $20
Microchips are recommended for all animals, even indoor cats.
Cardboard Carriers $10
Leashes $5
Used Kennels & Carriers (Small) $10
Used Kennels & Carriers (Large) $20

We also have a small selection of dog & cat collars, doggie clothing, toys & blankets for sale.  Stop by and see us!

*All proceeds from these items goes directly towards food and supplies for our animals.

*Prices subject to change without  notice

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