Your Support Matters


Our dog kennels are almost 20 years old and have never been remodeled. We desperately need more secure, sanitary kennels. Like everything else, the cost of these materials has gone up quite a bit in the last year or so.

We are asking for your help this Giving Tuesday to help replace one existing dog kennel with a new Mason Company Sani-kennel. These kennels are sealed at the bottoms so no more transfer of fluids, or anything else, between kennels.

Will you help build a better life for a shelter dog?

One Day!

Caring for one pet for one day costs $9.58

One Week!

Caring for one pet for one week costs $67.06

One Month!

Caring for one pet for one month costs $296.98

Our Giving Tuesday Goal is $5,088!

Please assist us in reaching our goal!

Please consider making a donation to St. Francis Animal Shelter. Because our operating expenses are considerably greater than our income, we need your help!  Any amount you can give goes directly to the feeding and care of hundreds of animals in need. Partner with us as we work together to protect Johnson County’s animals in need.
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